9 amazing stories about precious jewelry

If you ask jewelry designer and historian Aja Raden,Which is something she loved this life, there is no doubt that she will answer you, precious stones.

“When I was a kid, I loved all the shiny things, including fake jewelry, and I would take them away and hide them in my treasure chest,” she admits. “Here’s my memory. The only thing obsessed. “

Stoned: A book about jewelry, indulgence, and how desire can change the world.Aja Raden’s book devoted entirely to the study of gems, the book is stoned, this book will be on sale on November 1 to solve a series of problems about gemstones: how to change the history of jewelry? Why do people subconsciously crave expensive (and beautiful) things?

To celebrate the book’s publication, AjaRaden shared nine little-known facts about jewelry.

1, Ruby is only red sapphire

Ruby is not a breed, but turns red after sapphire (emerald) soaked in excess chromium. Perhaps some people holding rubies will be disappointed because, but from another perspective, your sapphire is so special that it has its own name!

2, genuine amber can float on the water, and has a scent

Amber has been salvaged from the water until recently. If you use cloth and other fibers severely rub amber, you will find it contains a pleasant fragrance.

3, if placed in the same place too much black jade, they will spontaneous combustion

Do not worry, do not worry about your jewelery box; except in Victorian times, a black jade jeweler at Witney, in the northern English city of England, is going to burn overnight, due to the self-burning properties of black jade.

4, Almost all the pearls you’ve seen have been artificially cultivated

Most people think that cultured pearls are cheap pearls, but the fact is that almost all the pearls (including those that look very rough) have been farmed since the 1930s. This is not a bad thing, because oysters may be extinct at the turn of the century.

5, Rub your teeth with pearls to determine the authenticity

If you rub the teeth with fake pearls, you feel the surface is very smooth, however a real pearls, no matter how smooth the teeth look, will feel rough. This is because the composition of pearls and teeth are the same, are through mineralization. Most jewelers will not mind if you do this because it does not harm the pearl, which is an excellent way to judge the authenticity of the pearl when buying it.

6, PierreCartier had a natural double pearl necklace in 1917 with a New York Fifth Avenue mansion

This is a fair deal. The mansion now remains as the headquarters of Cartier. When you walked into this home and think of real estate prices in New York, it was amazing that you could not help but think, my God, it was only worth a necklace.

7, sapphire is the earliest synthetic gems

At the turn of the century, a man named Brinoulli perfected the sapphire growth process in his lab.

8, Opal because of its formation and sponge are very similar

If you make the opal wet and mixed with dirt, it will absorb those substances and become dark gray. Be careful!

9, some of the raw material of calcium supplements is pearl

When farming pearl, most of the pearl is not too small in the final shape is very funny. Some drug companies will buy them and make calcium supplements before throwing them out