Hand Print Plectrum

Please only order this item if you if you Have Supplied me with a Jpeg image of the Hand Print you require me to engrave.

Our Classic Sterling Silver guitar plectrum engraved with “Your” or a “Loved One’s Actual Hand Print” the ultimate in personalisation & as unique as you are, after all no one’s finger or Hand prints are the same as any one elses.

Simple to order: We just need a scan of the Hand print you wish me to engrave. To take the print could not be easier:

1. You will need a plain piece of A4 “white paper”  and an Ink Pad.

2. Press your hand on to the ink pad palm down, ensure your whole hand is covered in ink.

3. Next place the Hand onto the plain white paper & press down, this will transfer the hand print to the paper.

The whole procedure should take minutes & Your Hand print should now be on the white paper.

Scan the white paper containing your Hand print at 300 DPI & save the scan as a Jpeg image, all you need to do now is send it to me attached to an email. If you are not happy with the hand print you have taken have several goes until you get a perfect one, if it looks smudged to you it will look smudged to me, it only takes a minute to do another print. If your scanned piece of white paper ends up with several prints on it, clearly mark which one you require engraved.

We can mount your plectrum on a Ball Chain, Key chain, Karibina Key chain or Leather Boot Lace. This silver pick comes presented in a gift box. If you have any questions about this product or would like to further customise it, then please click “Ask A Question About This Product” to send us a quick message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Plenty of room on the the rear so you can also add engraved text to the rear of this silver guitar pick, using any of the following fonts.