Getting Personal, Custom Plectrums





Here you can truely Personalise & Customise your plectrum. Anything from Babies hand print or finger print to a sound wave of your voice or or sonar scan of babies heart beat, the possibilities are endless.

We are able to engrave pretty much anything onto one of our sterling silver guitar plectrums. If you have a company logo or other image file that you would like us to engrave onto a guitar plectrum then please send us details and an image of what you would like engraved in the form at the bottom of this page or email and we will get back to you to let you know if it will be possible and how much it would cost.

Below are just a few of the engravings that we have produced for our clients, let your imagination run wild!

Engraved With Your Hand Writing


Silver Plectrum Engraved with a Message “In Your Own Hand Writing”

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Finger Print Plectrum


Silver Plectrum Engraved with your own “Finger Print”

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Hand Print Plectrum


Silver Plectrum Engraved with your own or Babies “Hand Print”

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Our Tune Silver Plectrum


Silver Plectrum with your choice of music notation or guitar tableature engraved design

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Photograph Engraved Silver Plectrum


Classic Silver Plectrum Engraved with your Photograph.

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