Engraved Zippo In Polished Chrome

An Iconic Gift for the “Some One Special” in your life. The Zippo Lighter truly is Iconic & began its rise to fame way back in 1930, testament to its design & functionality it is still with us today, a real legend.

The Zippo is shown Engraved, as an example of how it could look, by adding Text engraving to the lid & image engraving to the body. it is a “Genuine Made In The USA” Zippo. It is supplied with a Polished Chromium finish, in it’s own fitted Presentation gift box.

You can personalise yours how ever you like by adding your own engraving, using the drop down menus, to add text in any of the fonts shown below.

We can engrave a message in your own personal “Hand writing” we can engrave logos & even Photographs for you, to make your Zippo truly unique, if you require bespoke engraved design or photographs then send us your image in jpeg attached to an email or have any other questions, then just hit the “Ask a Question About This Product” button above, to let us know how we can help.

Text Can Be added to the body of the lighter & the “Flip Lid” Front & Rear if required. You can choose from any of the fonts displayed below, for us to engrave your message in.