My Doctor Told Me to Lose Weight

When my doctor told me to lose weight, I decided that it was something I should seriously look into. I knew that my last blood work results had several elevated numbers, including the one that checks for blood sugars. Since diabetes does run in my family, I knew that I needed to get a handle on my weight sooner rather than later. I have zero willpower, which is how I got to be 40 pounds overweight in the first place. That is why I decided to read some reviews on Nutrisystem for men. (more…)

Something Strange in Our Neighborhood

I talked with an ADT Cincinnati spokesperson about having a security system put in my home recently. Normally I wouldn’t care about having one of these systems, but I changed my mind after hearing about the rise in crime in my area. It was either that or getting a gun, and I wasn’t too keen on getting a gun and having to shoot someone. Having the system installed was fairly easy and only took an hour for the technician to set everything up.

For the first day that I had the system, I did nothing but watch the footage that was being recorded on my new security cameras. There was mostly nothing happening. (more…)

Helping the New Employees Move

I got a new job in my company, it was to help new employees in my area get used to the area and what it has to offer. I also had to help them get settled in their new homes, and get things like bank accounts at local banks. They all usually had a well known national bank so it wasn’t really a problem. I did tell many of them that ADT Cincinnati was a good company to get so that they knew that their home and belongings would be well taken care of. To have a company take care of your medical and emergency needs along with security was a great thing and I knew that many of the employees would find value in that comfort. (more…)