CIC Program Overview

Why CIC? Impact. Credibility. Respect. The CIC Program began in 1969, and it’s still growing! Continuously reviewed, updated, and expanded, the curriculum can be personalized to fit the professional needs of CIC members and participants.

The CIC Program is the essential tool for agency and company personnel who want to sharpen their skills. It allows insurance professionals to dig deeper into P&C exposures, exclusions, and coverages. If you:

  • are a licensed agent, broker, underwriter, adjuster, or solicitor,
  • are an owner, producer, account manager or executive,
  • have at least two years of full-time experience as an insurance professional, or as a risk management practitioner,
  • have taken a course through the UACIC Program, or
  • have served as a full-time insurance faculty member at an accredited college or university,
  • you’ll benefit from attending CIC courses, opening the door to the most respected Property & Casualty education anywhere. Courses include a variety of options to meet your professional goals, such as risk management, commercial multilines, and insurance company operations.Earning the CIC designation shows you’re committed to your clients, your organization, and your career.

Risk Managers don’t leave anything to chance! Participate in the program that gives you a dependable advantage in the demanding field of risk management—the CRM Program.

Risk management is one of the many responsibilities of a variety of professionals, including accountants, attorneys, financial and insurance professionals, and specialists in loss control. If you are one of these practitioners, you may be ready to take courses or pursue your CRM designation. If you:

    • are a risk manager, financial or insurance professional, licensed agent, broker, accountant, or solicitor,
    • have at least two years of full-time experience in the insurance industry or in risk management,
    • have taken a CRM course through the UACRM program, or
    • have served as a full-time risk management or insurance faculty member at an accredited college or university,

you’ll benefit from attending CRM courses—gaining expertise and credibility with your organization and in the risk management community.

Earning the CRM designation demonstrates your expertise and shows that you are a part of an international network of respected and dedicated risk management professionals.

Prove you’re a pro—earn the designation that matters—CSRM. Schools require professionals who know how to identify today’s risks and plan for tomorrow’s challenges!

The CSRM Program is for risk managers, administrators, and staff in K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions and for agency and company personnel. If you are considering expanding your skills, you may be ready to take courses or pursue the CSRM designation. If you:

    • are a Finance or Operations Officer, Risk Manager, Workers’ Compensation Coordinator,
    • are employed by a school district as a Risk and Business Manager, or an Employee Benefits or Safety Coordinator,
    • are a licensed agent, account manager, underwriter, broker, adjuster, or solicitor,
    • have at least two years of full-time experience in the insurance industry or in risk management, or
    • have served as a full-time insurance faculty member at an accredited college or university,

you can focus in on CSRM courses and build your knowledge of the unique needs and exposures in the educational sector and increase your marketability!

Earning the CSRM designation demonstrates that you understand your school’s safety and risk requirements and can identify the different types of risk the students, faculty, staff and ultimately, the community are exposed to everyday.

The high net worth niche is lucrative and growing. Develop the skills you need to keep up with the world’s movers and shakers in this fascinating area of insurance and risk management. How? With CPRM!

What makes the CPRM Program so unique? The program was developed by The National Alliance in concert with the Council for Insuring Private Clients (CIPC). The quality curriculum furnishes just the right combination of risk management, technical information, and account development.

The CPRM Program will help you flourish in this extraordinary market segment. The courses are designed especially for agency and company personnel who want to work in high net worth, personal lines risk management. Whether you are beginning your career, or you are a seasoned professional seeking a significant change, this program is intended for you. If you:

    • are an agency owner, account manager or executive, producer, licensed agent, broker, adjuster, or solicitor,
    • are a risk manager, underwriter, financial or insurance professional,
    • have at least two or more years of full-time experience in the personal insurance industry, or in personal risk management,
    • have—at a minimum—a full understanding of standard personal lines insurance exposures and coverages,

you can begin to transform your career with CPRM. This first-of-its-kind high-level program is supported by top carriers from across the nation.

Set your sights high—earning the CPRM designation signifies that you can identify the particular exposures and meet the unique needs of your affluent and high net worth clientele.

Today’s organizations live and die by their customer service—so be great at what you do! If you are thinking about expanding your skills, only one program should be on your radar—CISR.

Why? CISR courses are known for preparing front-line professionals to analyze risks, policies, forms, and claims data and communicate that understanding clearly to their clients, carriers, and colleagues. There are no prerequisites for taking courses or enrolling in the CISR Program. But if you:

    • are an employee of an agency, insurance company, or insurance-related business,
    • are an agent, account manager or executive, customer service representative, agency or company manager, or
    • are a new representative or agent,

you’ll benefit from attending CISR courses which set the standard for training in technical expertise, productivity, responsibilities, and client relationships.

Earning the CISR designation is tangible proof of your commitment to a superior level of customer service—for your clients, as well as for your organization.