Helping the New Employees Move

I got a new job in my company, it was to help new employees in my area get used to the area and what it has to offer. I also had to help them get settled in their new homes, and get things like bank accounts at local banks. They all usually had a well known national bank so it wasn’t really a problem. I did tell many of them that ADT Cincinnati was a good company to get so that they knew that their home and belongings would be well taken care of. To have a company take care of your medical and emergency needs along with security was a great thing and I knew that many of the employees would find value in that comfort. I know a lot of people do not think of things like security when they move, but I know that it can be scary when you move to a new place and having a company whose job it is to take care of you is really important.

I wanted to give people the opportunity to think about whether or not they wanted to go with all of our services, so I would send them a list of things that I did and if they wanted me to help them with something then they would have to check a box. I knew that some people would check all of them so I made sure that they would also know that some services were additional. I wanted to tell people that it was important to read all of the documents, so I sent a release form that they would have to pay me directly for the extra services that I was going to provide. A lot of them have kept me busy after hours at my new job.