Something Strange in Our Neighborhood

I talked with an ADT Cincinnati spokesperson about having a security system put in my home recently. Normally I wouldn’t care about having one of these systems, but I changed my mind after hearing about the rise in crime in my area. It was either that or getting a gun, and I wasn’t too keen on getting a gun and having to shoot someone. Having the system installed was fairly easy and only took an hour for the technician to set everything up.

For the first day that I had the system, I did nothing but watch the footage that was being recorded on my new security cameras. There was mostly nothing happening. A person or two would walk down the street, a bird would fly on the grass to look for insects, and a squirrel would run to the closest tree. Still, it was fun to watch everything that I would normally have to look out of the window to see, and even some things that I couldn’t see from certain angles.

So far, no one has tried to get into m home, but something did happen to one of the homes across the street from mine. A strange man was walking around, looking in the windows, trying to open them. I was watching this using the cameras, and called the police when I saw it. The police came and arrested the man. As it turns out, the man had been guilty of breaking into some other homes before, and was looking around for his latest target. If I didn’t have that system, I wouldn’t have seen what was going on at the home across the street, and chances are that no one else would have seen it. Even if I wasn’t watching the cameras, the recorded footage could have still been used to identify the man.