Visco Memory Foam Mattress Review

Visco Memory Foam Mattresses are very popular these days for their support and comfortable feel.

A visco memory foam mattress comes from the visco-elastic material designed and developed by NASA in the 1970s. This was developed in conjunction with the space program to give astronauts sufficient cushioning for their bodies in that type of environment. These material was designed more so for seating for take-off and re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere as opposed to sleeping but since its develop it has become one of the more popular materials for mattress owners.

visco memory foam mattress is developed from foam that has some very unique characteristics. The foams features include being open celled, having the ability to return back to their original shape and resilience to compression (you laying on it!). The open cells make it easy for air to fill them back up once you get off of it.

As you lie down on the reviewed visco memory foam mattress, your body heat and weight cause it to flatten but more so it conforms to your body shape. This completely supports your body and helps you retain proper posture and spinal alignment. If you have back problems this type of material is great in minimizing pain and allowing you get a good night’s sleep.

When memory foam was first used it was extremely expensive and un-economical to produce mattresses and pillows out of but over time costs to manufacture have become much lower and visco memory foam mattresses have become all the rage. Visco memory foam is now combined with various other materials to help meet the need of the consumer. Everyone wants a greats night sleep, relief from back pain or other ailments and relief from their partner’s restless movement at night. To get the best bang for your buck you are much better purchasing online but it is worth noting that you should try out the type of bed you are after at a store to know if memory foam is the right material for you. Some people don’t find memory foam mattresses comfortable or prefer something softer/harder. Try one out to know you are making the right decision.