Worldwide Brands Discount Coupon $30 Off Informaiton & Reviews

It is not an easy job to start your own home-based business especially when it deals with selling products online. When I started my eBay ventures, I got scammed by fake wholesale companies that appear to be a middle man and my small home based business got rejected by many big snobby companies as I could not order more than $,10,000 worth with a product instantly. I had to go through a lot before I was able to discover the solution of finding reliable dropship and wholesale directory in the form of Worldwide Brands. In this articleI will present the worldwide Brand review to bring out all of its positive and negative points. I hope it will be helpful for new entrepreneurs.And if you want to join worldwide,you can use coupon to save money.The price of the worldwide brands membership is $299,I found a discount coupon that can save you $30,so the price is $299-$30=$269.You can find the coupon details below.That’s really not bad!!!

Before you join the worldwide brands,The first question would be that is worldwide brands membership is really reputable?Ok.Let’s check the stat on the website of

Here I attached a picture of the stat.

The worldwide brands score is A+.So,there is no doubt that worldwide brands is a good Company.You can check it yourself here:

Worldwide Brands has more than 9000 suppliers and more than 8,000,000 products listed and they keep on adding new ones every day to prove that they are the largest wholesale dropshipping directory online. All suppliers in its directory are Factory Authorized wholesaler (FAW), this mean you can get real wholesale price from real wholesale suppliers to sell products online to earn decent income for yourself.

Besides that they have a great researching tool to help you find

products and sort suppliers by volume in your niche easily such as Large Volume Wholesalers, Drop ship wholesalers and Light Bulk Wholesalers etc. You can run your business with complete confidence and faith without fearing that you could be scammed by an overseas con artist as Worldwide Brands has inspected each supplier in its directory listing. List of pre-qualified, legitimate wholesalers put Worldwide Brands in a league of its own as there is hardly anyone to compete it in drop shipping industry.

Now let’s talk about the flaws I have found observed in it. There is no doubt about the fact that it is one of the biggest wholesale dropshipping directory but it would not be wrong if I would say it is the most expensive one as well. Many other wholesale dropshipping directories such as Doba and SaleHoo are a lot cheaper than Worldwide Brands. Thus, if you are new to e-commerce business and you don’t have a lot of money to invest; it may not work for you. Secondly, they have a very lengthy procedure to get your business registered especially when you are a home-based business as they do a lot of verification and background checks which is not always comfortable when you want to get started quickly.

Overall, It is a great legitimate wholesale dropshipping directory having all the tools and training to make your business successful. It offers lifetime membership without any monthly fee which can help you to save money in a long run.

Worldwide brands is a best wholesale dropshipping directory having a huge list of legitimate wholesale suppliers. You can check out Worldwide brands Review to find out more about it and to get a discount.